Saturday, October 14, 2017




When y’uh come a court'n,
please walk past my door,
don’t y’uh come a'court’n,
cause I don’t love y’uh no more,
I guess that is the reason I am a lonesome man,
Content with cryin I ain’t even try'n t'uh score...

Love has got me hide'n,
but I still got my pride,
keep’n my pain inside and,
I can’t look int’uh my lovers’ eyes,
love stop pushin me t’uh try, another time,
I gotta tell y'uh before I love again I’’ll  die…

Love is like a sleep-walk,
without no road or shoes,
I says love feel like a sleep-walk,
d’aint no road or shoes,
e’ry time I goes that way my heart gets abused,
lawd I swears I ain’t playin roun no mo w’id dem sho-nuff blues,
I thought love would save me,
but t’ain't never been my friend,
betrayals have enslaved me,
haunting my soul again and again and again…
I’m consigned t’uh solitude,
till my final days,
while memories of sweeter times,
wash the bitter ones away...
When I sees it comin,
y’uh know what I mean,
man I starts a runnin,
so far it can’t be seen,
ain’t no lovin good enough a'n I ain't  addicted t’uh the stuff,
can't no sweet romancing make me stay,

Now don’t you go undress’n,
For I find I'm inclined t'uh look,
an lawd what an eye-bless’n,
sept I’d never bite the hook,
a'int trying t'uh pay no bills for d'hem midnight thrills,
baby you will notice nothin a’int been took...
Love can never find me,
cause I ain’t in nobody’s news,
love will never find me,
I can be quiet if I choose,
I walks too slightly for any pleasure that delights me,
t’uh turn me inside-out without a doubt I got the hideout blues…

One day love could save me,
though It’s never been my friend,
betrayals and lovers envy,
haunt my soul again and again and again…
man if I could trust your heart,
it might find me free,
growing memories in sweeter times,
washing the bitter ones away...


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