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For Many Men Simple Is Better But Others Are Like Mature Kids In A Candy Store!

Many purists prefer the most basic form of fellatio delivered through 100% oral stimulation. But there are at least three different kinds of fellatio styles.

1. Technically Assisted Fellatio
2. Manually Assisted Fellatio
3. Hands Free Fellatio


FELLATIO: The art including the various techniques that may be employed delivering oral stimulation and pleasure to the male penis. 

TECHNICALLY ASSISTED FELLATIO:  The use of electrically powered external devices or apparatuses such vibrators, penile pumps, a flesh-light or other mechanical devices including a penile ring or scrotum stretcher/separator, a dildo, an anal plug, etc., used in order to enhance penile arousal in addition to using oral fellatio techniques but not exceeding more than 30 percent of the total penile stimuli.

MANUALLY ASSISTED FELLATIO:  When the fellator uses their hands to manually deliver penile arousal in addition to using oral fellatio techniques; these non-oral features include non-electrical accessory devices introduced to enhance penile stimuli but not exceeding 30 percent of the total penile stimuli.  Manually assisted fellatio may include non-mechanical devices inserted, attached or applied to the genitalia, rectum, nipples or other body parts including sounding devices, spanking, paddling, flogging, binding, cuffing, restraining, etc.

HANDS FREE FELLATIO: When no external, mechanical or manual devices are used to achieve penile stimulation and the fellator relies solely on their oral skills, techniques and rituals to achieve orgasm or to satisfy their host.  Hands-free fellatio is qualified by the use of 100 percent oral stimulation techniques.  Hands-free techniques may include licking, sucking, breathing, kissing, verbalization, slavering, spitting, use of lips, throat, tongue, jaws, oral massage, pressure, oscillation, biting, compressing, pulling/stretching, etc.

FELLATOR: The person or device who administers penile stimulation by orally massaging and arousing the male sex organ including the scrotum.

RECIEVER:  The man who is receiving oral penile stimulation administered by the fellator. 

A man who truly enjoys the pleasures of oral sex either as the fellator or the recipient of fellatio will tell you that it is all about technique.  The way the any sexual encounter ultimately plays out usually depends on a mix of variables beginning with a sexual attraction, then a sexual ritual or plan ensues calling upon a host of other support systems such as a sexual arsenal consisting of toys and erotic gadgets and of course the essential collection of sexual techniques or skills.  All of these features can be easily identified as a distinct pattern that represents the sexual style of the fellator and the recipient. 

Every sexual ritual consists of a step by step progression of sex which can be structured in a simple linear outline.  A sexual ritual always has a singular point of arousal precipitated by the initiator. For oral sex the opening session, the body and closing sessions define a ritual that consists completely of what is generally considered to be foreplay.  It is important to note that when fellatio becomes the exclusive type of sexual interaction orally induced stimulation and orgasm replaces intercourse as the primary sex act.  Most men do not think of oral sex as an end unto itself, it has traditionally been treated as a warm-up to intercourse because in the heterosexual model sex was intended solely for the purpose of reproduction and not merely for pleasure. Oral sex is really no different from intercourse if one approaches it merely with the intent of delivering sexual pleasure.  Oral rituals can be strictly defined within sexual roles but often oscillate back and forth as each partner assumes a servicing or role or a receiving role.  Oral techniques may be substituted by or mixed with other sexual techniques as partner’s progress through their sexual rituals whether their roles change or not.  The final stage of the oral ritual is when orgasm or the equivalent of satiation is achieved consummating the lovemaking acts.  Simply put a sexual ritual is merely a distinct pattern of progressive sex acts beginning with suggestion and arousal and ending in orgasm or erotic satiation.   When fellatio is the exclusive theme for a sexual ritual it typically has a linear structure which is easily outlined as a phased application of various oral techniques employing specific elements of a sexual arsenal that often characterize a distinct sexual style.

Once a sexual ritual begins it requires specialized support features in order for the involved parties to properly play it out.  These features will be pulled from a sexual arsenal of tools which may include a collection of oral techniques only.  Some technical tools may also be incorporated to enhance the ritual and they may consist of various sexual apparatuses, mechanical devices, visual and audio media, tactile tools such as oils, apparel, whips or verbalization.  The oral ritual changes as the fellator and the recipient advance to intensified stages of sexual exploration and appeasement relying on established techniques and introducing new stimuli in a pattern intended to bring pleasure to both.  An example of an oral ritual would be to begin with verbal stimuli describing the ensuing stages of the ritual as a tease, massaging the areas around the male genitalia but not the genitalia themselves, changing into a seductive costume or undressing completely leaving the other partner fully clothed, applying heat or cold to the genitalia while he is clothed, unzipping the trousers or lowering the pants so that the genitalia is exposed then adorning them with penile jewelry such as a ring or stretcher. Finally the ritual might include oral pleasure moving from the scrotum up to the tip of the penis concentrating on various erogenous zones to consummate the sexual act.  Consummation of fellatio or any other sexual ritual does not have to include orgasm as in the example of role players whose goal is to explore dominance and submission as a primary end unto itself in which case orgasm is clearly secondary to obedience.  No matter how the fellatial ritual plays itself out it will always pull from a support system of tools and the skills to effectively employ them as part of a unique sexual style.

While a sexual ritual is easily mapped the actual sexual techniques employed are far more difficult to define in an outlined form.  We can simplify oral techniques in a short list including Technical, Manual and Hands-Free techniques but in actuality most but not all oral rituals consist of a combination of all three techniques.  Purists mostly prefer an all-oral technique where the fellator uses their mouth, lips, gums, throat, lips and saliva in order to massage and stimulate the various areas of the penis scrotum and crotch.  These techniques may include sucking, licking, breathing of hot or cold air against the genitalia, compressing, pulling, rotating the orifice, sliding up and down the shaft, slavering, biting, kissing, tonguing, etc., etc., etc. but always only with the exclusive use of the mouth.  A hands-free technique can easily be the most physically demanding and psychologically rewarding of all three techniques because the fellator cannot rely on any external devices to give his mouth a rest and therefore requires a great deal of stamina typically gained with extensive experience administering the fully oral technique.  Furthermore the receiver enjoys the psychological pleasure and assurance that his fellator has given 100 percent of their attentiveness and as is often the case he has become actively involved in the ritual application of oral techniques to guide the fellator toward his own pleasure.  At the end of the day fellatio is all about the predominant use of artful oral techniques purposed to bring a more humanly tactile and intimate dynamic to the administering of penile pleasure over technical and manual fellatio styles. 

The hands-free technique may not be as effective as the technical and manual fellatio styles when it comes to satisfying a man who is used to enjoying penile stimulation through auto-erotic hand techniques or mechanical stimulation through external devices and is looking for oral stimulation merely as a substitute for them. At some point we should endeavor to determine the limits of what is acceptable as Fellatio marking a cut-off point for sexual techniques that employ oral techniques, rituals and styles but only marginally causing them to fall into other non-oral categories.  Consider this example for contrast; a convertible automobile is either a hard removable top or a soft retractable top, having an adjustable skylight/vent opening to about 15 degrees does not transform an automobile into a convertible the same as minimal oral content and technique does not constitute a true fellatio style.  Fellatio is fellatio!

Oral fellatio specialists would be wise to consider that receivers who come from a strong auto-erotic background may prefer a more linear style that mimics the up and down pattern they generally use on themselves and the fellator should be quite sensitive to the level of intensity required to actually deliver adequate stimulation as auto-erotic stimulation can often apply more torque and pressure to the penis than a mouth can comfortably deliver.  It is simple physics that in the application of fellatio the mouth is not an equal substitute for the hand because it does not have the same lever arm mechanical advantage. The best way to gauge how much manual work needs to be incorporated into an oral technique is simply by watching the recipient demonstrate his auto-erotic style of reaching orgasm and modifying to fit your oral style.  The pattern of stimulation should be noted as a reference for applying a purely hands free, manual/oral or technical/oral technique but changing the sequence is suggested from time to time in order to add diversity and surprise.  The manual technique will involve hand massage that closely simulates the recipient’s own manual technique with oral highlights and supplementation at varying degrees of necessity.  It can be argued that a manual oral technique that incorporates 30 percent or less manual technique is really not pure fellatio at all.  It is my opinion that true fellatio requires a minimum of 50-60 percent oral technique leaning toward the higher end of 60-75 percent of oral style. 

Naturally this brings us to the subject of technically assisted fellatio techniques which are becoming more popular as electrical apparatuses become more specialized, sophisticated and affordable.  The utilisation of butt-plugs, dildos and such both vibrating and non-mechanical, the use of penile rings, stretchers, sounding devices can loosely be defined as tools of a sexual arsenal intended to support technically assisted fellatio.  Again, similar to manual fellatio techniques, technical fellatio techniques that become pared down to 30 percent or less actual oral technique risk being disqualified as fellatio because they have far too little oral content.  While nobody expects sexual partners involved in a fellatio ritual to actually gauge the ratio of oral to mechanical content using a stopwatch it is the purpose of this article to suggest reasonable limits for each category of fellatio style.  Technically enhanced fellatio rituals can certainly be some of the most interesting because they employ non-traditional methodology to the explication of the genre of fellatio!  We all should consider embracing the current trends to expand our enjoyment of oral sex especially if it has not captured our attention before.  Mechanical devices that are electrically driven such as electric wands, penile rings and scrotum stretchers, sounding devices, anal plugs and dildos, nipple rings, clamps and other sexual apparatuses that use electrically motivated impulses to create arousing sensations are here to stay and they are amazingly effective for raising the bar when it comes to any kind of sexual technique or ritual.  More and more purists who exclusively enjoy hands-free fellatio admit to incorporating unique electrical devices into their sexual arsenals and rituals without any loss of oral proficiency.  Technically assisted fellatio techniques define an uncharted landscape appealing to those who enjoy giving and receiving fellatio but as with all things people must find a balance that preferably maintains the human, tactile element of one of the simplest forms of sexual pleasure a man can enjoy.  I have never been a proponent of the belief that a machine could ever replace a human being when it comes to sex and fellatio is no exception.  I believe that manual and mechanical accessories can be incorporated as part of a healthy and enjoyable fellatio ritual and during those times when it may be impossible or impractical to get the real thing a man simply has to brace himself planning ahead.  In these times when modern men are overwhelmed by the intensification of potentially sexually transmitted diseases among partners I encourage careful screening and the use of safe and reasonable sex techniques with new and established sexual partners who mutually enjoy fellatio.   I went into greater detail about fellatio because I perceived that while many men do or do not enjoy it they do not really understand why; this is often because they have never really verbalized it or given it any serious consideration.  There is the crowd that will say  sex is sex, putting too much thought into it will ruin it”, but I argue that since for many men it represents the most popular form of enjoyment it cannot be given enough thought!  We improve at things we want to improve at, grow stronger from things we understand and what man does not want to get better at sex?  Why gentlemen as if enough has not already been said, this one is a no-brainier



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