Tuesday, May 24, 2016



When two single-mature people act on mutual, sexual chemistry on their first encounter it can be a beautiful thing… Many people chose to suppress  their libido rather than allowing their natural instincts to guide them toward better sexual fulfillment. We should continually build our sensual strength by fearlessly exploring the sexual domain. We really do have a brief window to enjoy pure physical, sexual bliss during the phases of our life before our bodies are no longer capable of achieving the sensual heights of youth.  As we mature and sex becomes more cerebral well want to rely on an extensive repository of sexual skills to satisfy our curiosity for sexual growth. Men who resist strong sexual urges during their sexual prime risk regretting their lack of assertiveness later  when resolving could-have-been rendezvous with what might have been their sexual soulmate. Many aspects of our Post-Victorian, post-mortem culture of sexual prudishness lavishes a heavy guilt-marketing campaign on the theme of free, unbridled and unmarried sex. What else would and should unmarried people be doing in their free time other than having amazing sex?  Woe to any single man young, mature or old, who still fears the unmentionable “F-WORD”….. no the other one, “fornication”! Even in 2016 the concept of fornication slices through our consciousness  from mass media platforms like Jerry Springer or Entertainment Tonight  evoking enough oohs and aahs to trasform a cozy American family room into something that sounds like the backroom of a bordello... This phenomenon may suggest that billions of dollars spent annually on pornography are sustaining a lucrative market that is the secret world of “Naughty” or “Sinful” sex. Has this population somehow missed the entire sexual revolution going on strong all around us…  the presence of these sexually effervescent but socially closeted  people causes me to just lick my lips whilst shaking my head... Knowing from first hand experience that sex between single folk is exploding all around me causes me to smile a very naughty smile reveling in the fact that sexual inhibition is alive and well….

Because I occasionally entertain role-play I especially like the idea that people still take time to pretend they are having naughty sex in a world where sex has become so ordinary that it has lost its edge. We really have to consider how to make human sexuality special and magical again now that it is just another form of entertainment. Sex should never be just another form of amusement, it is a supreme and princely art form! Work can be boring, food and conversation can be occasionally boring but I draw the line with sex which should be extraordinary otherwise it should not be pursued!

I encourage those who are liberal minded enough to enjoy sex for its own sake to continue enjoying erotic, sensual passion without trying to qualify it against a culturally obsolete model of morality. Once again all single men should have amazing abundant sex otherwise what will they write in their memoirs? become an artist at sex and keep it moving!

Sex seems to have always been one of those things people either understood or totally misconstrued. It is easily corrupted by the disillusioned and misinformed. In the past sexuality was improperly interpreted by most religions attempting to desecularize it. Well sex is perhaps one of the most secular attributes of men it has nothing to do with morality because it is part of the very foundation of our human instinct. We do not even have an option to opt-out of sexuality whether we act on our instincts or not as every man who has made a vow of chastity will confirm! Make no mistake that from cradle to grave all men are sexual beings! Why would anyone try to deny this? Not only does detail not make sense it literally is futile..

The next time I hear a grown and single man say he regrets having sex on the first date or encounter I’m going to ask him if it was amazing sex or ordinary sex he regrets! Nobody regrets good sex! There are extenuating and patently hypothetical circumstances that can make the outcomes of amazing sex regrettable but we shall not here engage them. I mean to be clear that I am no advocate of blind, irresponsible, wreckless lechery… sex and therefore sexuality should be treated as high art forms by gentlemen who have painstakingly cultivated them with brilliant success… Sex is fine on the first, second and any other date and if a man has to question his libido there is some other issue afoot having nothing to do with morality but perhaps closer to compatibility. I cannot force any man to grow or evolve all I can do is remind him of that possibility….


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