Thursday, October 1, 2015




If you are a single mature man who feels he has exhausted his potential with marginal results to show for his efforts at love why not consider re-kindling an old love affair with a former flame. Well... not just any flame but a person whom you have always considered to be the love of your life, the soulmate that got away. That really has to be the main qualifier otherwise why even bother, right?First thing to do is check to see if that distant flame is still single and if so if there remains a latent flicker of affection that could be the kindling of a renewed and revitalized relationship.  Moving forward with the most gentlemanly tact find a classy way to reconnect and if you are so lucky, and I hope you will be, you may rediscover an old soulmate in a completely fresh and positive light.

There are many reasons why revisiting an old affair can be quite logical and potentially positive. There is already an established level of familiarity with a former beau. Now whether there is any trust depends on the manner of your parting... you'll have to carefully think that move out before making it. You want to be certain that you don't just kick up old dust and create a mess.  One of the key elements in revisiting an old relationship that may have gone bad is moving past the old bad experience.  The minute you discover that either of you are stuck in the drama of the past it is a clear sign that past issues remain unresolved so either you both put your heads together as a team to resolve them or call it quits! There is really no good reason to rekindle the mistakes of the past. As a rule it is not advisable to attempt at rekindling a fire with someone whom you badly hurt so consider a former lover that became estranged due to normal circumstances. For example a person with whom you simply lost contact with because both of you were too busy is a prime candidate for revisitation as long as you confirm that you both now have ample time to spend quality time together. As always it's totally your call, but make certain that you are not wasting yours and someone invaluable time. The one asset a mature man should never, ever squander is time.

Love should be sustainable, it can be recycled, revised, reinvented, rekindled. But everything is conditional so there will be some people with which the process of getting familiar again will be easier than others.  With some it may be impossible to reconnect on any civilized level.... that's life! There is no good reason to ignore potentially good resources just because of a foolish saying or fear that you can never go back to a former love interest.  Ask yourself why not?  We experiment with going back to old pleasures in many other ways such as with food, travel, jobs, entertainment, etc., so why not with romance? There is no law that says you cannot try a second time with someone in which you clearly see potential.  Being stubborn about maintaining silly rules such as this can only limit your ability to explore every possibility for happiness and love.  There is absolutely no reason why you should limit your ability to find love from within pastures formerly sewn.



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