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Antique gentleman's valet stand

Antique Empire Style Gentleman;s Valet Stand

Social legend positions a curious assortment of sources in the form of madams, pimps, prostitutes, social climbers, vixens, boy-toys, gigolo's and even sainted mothers as the golden oracles of a man's innermost passions.  No matter how you shuffle the cards the bottom-line defining what drives the mind behind the manly machine is always the same, sex, power and hunger.  These three elements form a lusty-trilogy that in the absence of a more wholesome model appear to form the key that opens up the cryptic science of what a man wants.

Antique Gentleman's Valet Chair

I think it's safe to conclude that sex plays an integral part in the decision making process for many men.  Long before the likes of Sigmund Freud those who were wise enough to pay attention to human nature certainly observed how closely the choices many men made were linked to sentient and conceptual cues they associated with sex. The modern science of marketing/advertising openly exploits the inherent vulnerabilities of the male libido in order to sell everything from automobiles to underwear, really nothing is sacred. Few men dare challenge this divisive but aesthetically titillating practise and why should they since it lies at the heart of the the capitalistic reality we all prefer. It's something like adding sugar to a bitter medicine.  We ultimately, grudgingly have to part with our hard-earned monies so why not do so with a sex-induced smile on our face?  So understanding what turns a man on, what he considers to be sexy,handsome and beautiful can potentially open a lot of doors for anyone hoping to get into a man's head by placating his lust. Even a novice should understand that it is not enough to know what turns a man on, a man does not need an automaton to mindlessly regurgitate passions he already knows he has.  A man needs someone who can become an artist with their knowledge of his sexual triggers, he needs someone who can pull, stretch, compress and transform them into a continuum of uniquely erotic experiences.  He needs someone who will use their basic understanding of his libido to cultivate and evolve a truly dynamic sexual landscape.

Modern Gentleman's Valet Stand

While not every man is a Type-A personality, a power freak, or a megalomaniac there lay within most men and inherent desire to exercise dominion over their immediate surroundings and physical conditions.  Air conditioning, electric shavers, airplanes door locks, wireless security systems and escalators are primary examples of a man's need to control his environment.  The creation of laws points to the fact that men see the need to organize everything that might potentially come under their dominion and laws have become the instrument of that need to be in control.  Understanding the personal ethical/moral constitution of a man can deliver excellent insight into what that man wants in any given situation.  After years observing the way a man opines, how he qualifies justice and injustice right and wrong it is fair to say that one can draw a profile of that man's concept of power allowing you to predict and understand how he will evaluate situations in the future.  When asking the question what does that man need it comes down to understanding his very nature.  If he is opinionated and likes a good debate he may need someone to challenge him bug if he is a know-it-all he may need someone to agree with him or just remain silent without voicing an opinion of their own or challenging his.  A man needs someone who understands and respects how his mind works who can creatively co-exist without losing their-self to the man.

Antique Gentleman's Valet Stand

If the way to a man's heart and mind is through his stomach, if food-lust as a sort of fortified, condensed, metaphor for power and sex that can be equated to the fuel and driver of a man's personality then it might truly be the fundamental point of entry into the psyche and profile of that man.  It certainly should be a topic of exploration how a man's diet might mirror his personality profile.  While I am sure there is some connexion between a man's diet and his personality, his sex drive and his drive for power I doubt that there is any really consistent pattern linking the three variables.  With men, nothing is that simple.  For instance, you cannot predict that a man who has a taste for exotic foods will also have a taste for sexual opulence.  Furthermore a man who has a varied diet may not be liberal minded or universal in his life philosophy at all.  I don't think it would be a wise or fruitful enterprise to attempt to prove any connexion between a man's diet and his sexual and power appetites, these phenomenon are all quite unique in their own right.  But since a man must eat to survive and since a mans survival becomes so much more pleasant when he does not have to worry about food, when the food he eats is food that he ejoys it would be wise to understand a man's appetite, his culinary likes and dis-likes.  Since hunger does affect a man's personality i guess anyone who desires to see their man happy would make certain that he eats well.  I don't know any man who does not want to eat well.  For some men eating can be a cathartic experience since the chemicals released into the blood stream after consuming foods may simulate a high delivered by opioids or other stimulants or even depressants.  Is it important to know what excites a man's palette? Certainly, yes! Why would anyone interested in understanding and supporting a man ignore the most fundamental necessity for his survival?  If you are interested in understanding a man, any man take time to discover what he likes to eat!

Antique Gentleman's Valet Chair

Fortunately all men are infinitely more diverse than their sexual, political and dietary needs, wants, likes and dis-likes.  But one has to start someplace and what better place than with these three basic human elements.  The purpose of the exercise aimed at understanding what a man needs is to be able to focus empathize with another human being other than yourself as a form of conscious meditation. The goal is to decrease selfishness the objectives are to practise the arts of caring for and accommodating another human beings needs and desires and in so doing cultivating and fulfilling your own desire and need to become your brothers keeper.  Understanding what a man wants should be a liberating experience redirecting energy spent obsessing over personal drama.  It is often that when we are taken out of ourselves we are able to see us the way others do outside when we return.  Stepping out of self really forces us to find self again.  We recognize a different self each time we return.  Had we never left we should not appreciate the task of coming back home.  We bring with us the fine and fulfilling warmth of having selflessly touched another soul and regardless where the relationship goes we can always look back knowing that for our part we did and gave the very best that we were humanly capable of, our conscience can be free..



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